Are you looking for excellent Needtobreathe music to fill up your playlists? Or maybe you want to introduce this band to new listeners and friends. Well here’s a list of our favorite songs for new listeners.

“Brother feat. Gavin DeGraw” is an excellent starter song since it has an important message about family. It teaches that family doesn’t always begin and end in blood relations and that the people who support and care for you can be even closer. It’s also inspiring  for anyone who may be estranged from blood relations that it’s ok to make family with their loved ones.

“Nothing Left To Lose” is another inspirational song that talks about how you can still find joy in life even when you feel backed against the wall. It’s a song that promotes positive thinking and looking for the silver lining all wrapped up in exquisite instrumentation and voicework.

“These Hard Times” is another great song with a great melody following a song all about how judgment is always going to come for our actions. But it has a message that no matter what, love and redemption is always possible. And all this is uplifted by the excellent vocals.