Needtobreathe at Kansas State Fair

Needtobreathe at Kansas State Fair Tickets

Kansas State Fair | Hutchinson, Kansas

SHOWSTOPPING pop act Needtobreathe will be coming to Kansas State Fair this September on part of the new fall, 2023 tour of the US! Hosted by THE unsurpassed Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, Kansas, fans call it the finest music venue in the city! Needtobreathe will be in town on Friday 8th September 2023 if you want a night to remember then you will have to book right away because tickets are limited. Follow the buy button on this page to get yours instantly! Now is the time to buy!

Needtobreathe at Needtobreathe Concert

Don’t be afraid to dance! All music was created for moving. Regardless of the type of concert you're attending, you should stand up and savour the show. If there is ever a time to not care if you look stupid then it's at a gig. If you let yourself get into the music you'll have way more fun and it will make the entire experience worth it. All it takes is some courage and a free-spirited attitude to make an incredible and unforgettable night. Come to the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson and make some memories which will last a lifetime.

Needtobreathe at Needtobreathe Concert

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